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Drake Passage, Ushuaia to Antarctica | Zagier y Urruty

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DRAKE PASSAGE MAP - Polar Voyage Log Map
The ship voyage from South America to the Antarctic Peninsula is a travel of a lifetime. After two days navigating on a sea of miles deep with the strongest and wildest currents and winds, the traveler arrives to a paradise for people looking for nature, history and adventure.
This map is based in the Argentine Hydrographic Survey and the Ushuaia Maritime Museum charts and includes historic sites in the area as well as place for stamps and signatures from the ship and stations crew. A certificate for having crossed the Drake Passage is printed, too.

ISBN: 9781879568938
Publication date: 1987
Folded dimensions: 5.12'' x 9.45'' (13 x 24 cm)
Unfolded dimensions: 24.02'' x 36.22'' (61 x 92 cm)