Savannah - Georgia - Haunted Map | Karpovage Creative - Inc.

Savannah - Georgia - Haunted Map | Karpovage Creative - Inc.

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From war, disease, fires and slavery to dueling, lover's spats, murder and magic, Savannah's hauntings seemingly rise from every street corner. This 3D birds-eye-view panoramic map gives you the big picture of where the most intriguing of these strange tales originate. Folded map size is 4x9 and opens into a stunning 18x27 poster. The reverse side functions as a self-guided tour map showing 41 distinct haunted locations with easy-to-find map grid locations. Included are museums and attractions, top-ranked ghost tour companies, and information on free public transportation and docking regulations. Also included is a regional map to get you from the airport and I-95 all the way to Tybee Island. Look, listen, and live each moment as you journey through America s Most Haunted City and connect with her past. But take heed, traveler: who knows what you'll conjure up.

ISBN: 9780985653231
Publication date: 2015
Folded dimensions: 4 x 9 in. / 10.16 x 22.860 cm
Unfolded dimensions: 27 x 18 in. / 68.58 x 45.720 cm
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