Quebec Back Road Atlas, French/English Edition | Canadian Cartographics Corporation

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The bilingual Quebec Large Scale Road Atlas allows you to see all the names and numbers of the provincial backroads and highways and is GPS-compatible.
Incluant les listes d'evenements/Includes Events Listing, Aeroports/Airports, Cabanes a sucre/Sugar Shacks, Club de Golf/Golf Courses, Estompage/Hill shading, Iteneraires panoramiques/Scenic Routes, Parcs Nationaux/National, Provinciaux/Provincial et d'autres/and other Parks, Points d'interet/Points of Interest, Sentiers de motoneige/Snowmobile Trails, Sites historiques nationaux/National Historic Sites, Terrains de Camping/Campgrounds, UTM Grille pour l'usage de GPS/UTM Grid for GPS use and Zec . Ideal for the weekend Cottager or the business person on the go. Wire-bound and easy to read.

ISBN: 9781551984469
Publication date: 2017
Unfolded dimensions: 11.02'' x 9.06'' (28 x 23 cm)