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Lake Tahoe - California with Carson City - Minden and Garnerville | GM Johnson

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Folded street map of Lake Tahoe and Carson City. One side covers the Lake surroundings with insets of South Lake Tahoe, Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows, Truckee, Serena Lake, Soda Springs, and region, with index. Reverse continues index and points of interest, with map of Carson City and insets of Topaz Lake, Dresslerville, Mottsville, Genoa, Silver City, Virginia City, New Washoe City, Dayton, Mound House, and downtown.

ISBN: 9781770680340
Publication date: 2010
Folded dimensions: 9.45 x 4.33 in. / 24 x 11 cm
Unfolded dimensions: 38.58 x 26.38 in. / 98 x 67 cm
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