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Wall Map of Cuba, Classic, Sleeved | National Geographic

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Wall map of Cuba published by National geographic.
National Geographic's signature Classic style map of Cuba uses a bright and vibrant color palette featuring stunning shaded relief and ocean bathymetry. Pinpointed on the map are thousands of cities and towns, national parks, mountains, swamps, coral reefs and islands of the archipelago. In addition, major infrastructure networks are displayed, including highways, roads, railroads, oil fields and pipelines, airports, canals and ferry routes.
Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, the Florida Keys, and most of the Bahamas and Haiti are shown, along with the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean and Straits of Florida.
A user friendly index shows the English translation for many geographic terms.
Scale 1:1,500,000.

ISBN: 9781597754361
Publication date: 2011
Scale: 1:1,500,000
Unfolded dimensions: 20.87 x 32.87'' (53 x 83.5 cm)
Language: English