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United Arab Emirates, Persian Gulf, Kuwait and Oman Road Map | Freytag & Berndt

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Explore the Persian Gulf region with this Freytag & Berndt road map. The best way to plan your trip, prepare your itinerary, and to travel independently in this part of the Middle East.

The map includes the whole of Oman and the Iranian coast of the Gulf of Oman. Topography is shown by relief shading with spot heights and markings for sandy or rocky deserts, salt flats and swamps. The map also shows numerous seasonal rivers, lakes and wadis.

Place names are given in the Roman alphabet only (i.e. no Arabic). The index is in a separate booklet attached to the cover and groups all the locations by country.

The legend is in several languages including English.

ISBN: 9783707905984
Publication date: 2008
Folded dimensions: 10.24'' x 5.120'' (26 x 13 cm)
Unfolded dimensions: 41.34'' x 37.01'' (105 x 94 cm)