Pyrenees 2, French Central, Walking Guide | Rother

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This Rother Walking Guide in pocket-sized and in full color. It features 50 walks, varying in difficulty and length, from day-long hikes to mountain and valley walks. Each walk has accompanying mapping, usually 1:50 000, and color photos capture the 'feel' of each of the landscape.

The Cirque de Gavarnie in the heart of the "Parc National des Pyrenees" is indisputably the main attraction of the French Central Pyrenees between Val d'Azun in the west and Valle d'Ustou in the east. Together with the neighboring Cirques d'Estaub and Troumouse it was incorporated into the UNESCO list in 1967.

Every year countless visitors make a pilgrimage to the head of the valley to see the superb amphitheatre with its magnificently shaped limestone rocks and plummeting waterfalls.

ISBN: 9783763348268
Publication date: 2004
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