Canada Travel Map | ITM
Canada Travel Map | ITM
Canada Travel Map | ITM

Canada Travel Map | ITM

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Map of Canada published by ITM.

Canada is too large to map in the same way that normal-sized countries can be portrayed, so this map included a political map of the country for this edition on one side, with each province or territory designated by a different colour and the road and rail network portrayed.

The other side of the page consists of 10 large inset maps of particularly noteworthy parts of the country. For example, the Rocky Mountains and Yukon have expanded coverage, as does Newfoundland, the Toronto region, southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and the Ottawa to Montreal to Quebec City portion of central Canada.

In other words, this map includes the entire country on one side and the most important segments for tourism on the other side.

Scale 1:6,000,000 (1 cm = 60 km).

Legend Includes:
Point of Interest, World Heritage Site, National Park...

ISBN: 9781771290142
Publication date: 2017
Scale: 1:6,000,000 (1 cm represents 60 km)
Printed side(s): double-sided
Unfolded dimensions: 99 x 68 cm / 39 x 27 in
Language: English, French
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