Map of Upper Austria | Freytag & Berndt

Published by Freytag Berndt

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Map of Upper Austria, north of Salzburg and Hieflau. Published by Freytag & Berndt. Terrain mapping, distances and multilingual, legend (English, French, German and Italian). This detailed map of Upper Austria includes a Index of cities and zip codes, city maps of Perg, Linz and Steyr and informations about 10 tourist attractions in the area.

ISBN: 9783707904437
Publication date: 2012
Scale: 1 : 150,000 (1 cm represents 1,5 km)
Printed side(s): single sided
Unfolded dimensions: 132 x 98 cm / 52 x 39 in
Language: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian

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