Map of southern Norway 1 (Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger) - 1 : 250,000 | Freytag & Berndt

Published by Freytag Berndt

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Map of southern Norway published by Freytag & Berndt. This detailed map of Norway covers part of Norway situated south of Voss and Hamar and includes Bergen, Stavanger and Oslo. Terrain mapping, distances, information on different maritime links and multilingual legend (English, French, German and Italian). Notebook with a Index of cities and zip codes.

ISBN: 9783707903164
Publication date: 2015
Scale: 1 : 250,000 (1 cm represents 2,5 km)
Printed side(s): single sided
Unfolded dimensions: 126 x 95 cm / 50 x 37 in
Language: English, Spanish, German, Italian

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