Travel Map - Maritime Provinces (Canada) | ITM
Travel Map - Maritime Provinces (Canada) | ITM
Travel Map - Maritime Provinces (Canada) | ITM
Map of the Maritime Provinces (Canada) | ITM
Map of the Maritime Provinces (Canada) | ITM
Map of the Maritime Provinces (Canada) | ITM

Travel Map - Maritime Provinces (Canada) | ITM

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Double sided-map of the Maritime Provinces of Canada published by ITMB. This detailed map of Canada covers New Brunswick (one side), Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island - P.E.I. (other side). Driving distances, national parks. City map of Halifax.

Legend includes Province Border, Main Highway, Main Road, Ferry, Railway, International Airport, Historic Site, Archaeological Site, Border Crossing, Point of Interest, Harbour, Ski Area, Picnic Area, etc.

Publisher's notes:

Atlantic coast provinces of Canada remain one of our most popular travel destinations for Canada. Nova Scotia, with historic Halifax, has been British since the 1749.

New Brunswick morphed out of Acadia with the arrival of tens of thousands of refugees fleeing persecution and violence in the southern American colonies in the 1770s.

Prince Edward Island, now linked to the mainland by Confederation Bridge, was a separate colony until 1873.

The three combine ‘down-east’ hospitality with small-town friendliness. There is lots of history to enjoy, and for Anne of Green Gables fans, Cavendish farm still exists and is visited by thousands of enthusiasts every year.

This is the map of the Magnetic Hill, the Petitcodiac Bore, Peggy’s Cove, Lunenburg, and dozens of interesting fishing ports. Easily reached from the rest of Canada and from the State of Maine, the Maritimes remains one of the most-visited places on earth, year after year.

ISBN: 9781771294669
Publication date: 2019
Scale: 1:530,000 (1 cm represents 5,3 km)
Printed side(s): double-sided
Unfolded dimensions: 100 x 69 cm / 39 x 27 in
Language: English