Lake O'Hara (Yoho NP, British Columbia) Hiking Map | Gem Trek

Published by Gem Trek Publishing

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Detailed map of the Lake O'Hara area publoshed by Gem Trek.

On the front is a 1:20,000-scale topographic map covering the entire Lake O'Hara trail network with all of the hiking trails and alpine routes labelled. The contour interval on the map is 25 metres (80 feet).
On the back of the map are descriptions of all the trails shown on the map - Lake O'Hara Lakeshore, Lake Oesa, Lake McArthur, Opabin Plateau, and Linda Lake to Cathedral Prospect. Also described is the entire alpine route - Wiwaxy Gap/Huber Ledges, Yukness Ledges, All Souls' and Odaray Grandview Prospect.

ISBN: 9781895526820
Publication date: 2016
Scale: 1 : 20,000 (1 cm represents 200 m)
Printed side(s): double-sided
Unfolded dimensions: 61 x 46 cm / 24 x 18 in
Language: English

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