Zurich City Map & Switzerland Northwestern Travel map | ITM

Published by ITM

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Large street plan of Zurich published by ITM with a street index. On the reverse is a road map of north-western Switzerland, including Zurich. Index of cities and terrain mapping. Being a rather small country, this results in a map covering most of the country, from Geneva in the southwest and Basle on the north to Chur on the east and the Simplon Tunnel in the south, so only the far east and south of the country are excluded.

Scale 1/8,000 and 1/301,000.

ISBN: 9781553410560
Publication date: 2014
Scale: 1 : 8,000 (1 cm reprsents 800 m) & 1 : 301,000 (1 cm represents 3 km)
Printed side(s): double-sided
Unfolded dimensions: 27.1 x 39.3 inches / 69 x 100 cm
Language: English

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