Husavik, Myvatn (Iceland) Special Map | Ferdakort

Published by Ferdakort

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Topographic map of Lake Myvatn (Iceland) published by Ferdakort (Sérkort series). This detailed map covers the Lake Myvatn to the town of Husavik on the north coast of Iceland. Contours and footpaths indicated, as well as roads and trails. This detailed map of Iceland is protected by a plastic cover.

ISBN: 9789979672050
Publication date: 2008
Scale: 1 : 100,000 (1 cm represents 1 km)
Printed side(s): single sided
Unfolded dimensions: 23,2 x 12,8 cm / 9 x 5 in
Language: English, French, German, Icelandic

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