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Published by Terra Quest

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Laminated topographic map of Mount Aconcagua (Argentina) published by Terra Quest in 2013. Waterproof and tear-resistant, contoured and GPS compatible map, providing coverage of the Aconcagua Provincial Park with access from the road linking Punta de Vascas, Los Penitentes, Puente del Inca and the Cristo Redentor Tunnel crossing to Chile.
The map divides the area north/south with a good overlap between the sides, extending north to Cerro La Mano on the northern boundary of the park, and south of the road to include Cerro Panitentes.
A hiking map characterized by topographic data (contours). An overprint highlights the approach routes to Aconcagua, indicating main trails and difficult passages. Mountain huts and bivouac places are marked, as well as hotels and restaurants in the local settlements, medical help, tourist information, etc.
The map has been specifically designed for active people who want to hike in the area of Aconcagua. Apparent relief compatible GPS data. Very durable and easy to use, even in poor weather conditions on treks. Detailed legend in six languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Polish. Scale 1 : 50,000.

ISBN: 9788361155379
Publication date: 2013
Scale: 1 : 50,000 (1 cm represents 500 m)
Printed side(s): double-sided
Unfolded dimensions: 100 x 48 cm / 39 x 19 in
Language: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian

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