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Michelin Iceland Map 750 is a new addition to Michelin's Country Map series.  Sporting a sturdy cardboard cover with an English legend, this map is invaluable to anyone driving through Iceland's contrasting highly urban and vast natural landscapes.  Visitors to this Scandinavian country will appreciate the parks and sightseeing points of interest indicated on the map. For effective trip planning before and during the journey, turn to Michelin maps.

ISBN: 9782067211902
Publication date: 2017
Folded dimensions: 9.84'' x 4.72'' (25 x 12 cm)
Unfolded dimensions: 37.8'' x 46.85'' (96 x 119 cm)
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I have been looking over the map fo...

I have been looking over the map for a few days. The north and south halves of the nation are on opposite sides of the map, allowing for greater detail in a compact space. Map scale is easy to find and understand. Easy to read and looks thorough and accurate!