Australia 4WD Adventures | Hema Maps

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Guide and Atlas of 4WD excursions in Australia published by Hema Maps. Discover Australia’s Top 100 journeys and getaways with 4WD Adventures, the ultimate guide for the greatest 4WD trips in Australia. Description of 100 special 4WD excursions (with maps, practical information, points of interest, gasoline, facility information for nearest supply points and camping areas etc...). Hema Road Atlas with detailed maps of all regions of Australia (national parks, forests and state parks, campsites...) is also included. City maps and index are included.

ISBN: 9781865006192
Publication date: 2012
Scale: variable
Printed side(s): single sided
Unfolded dimensions: 75 x 50 cm / 30 x 20 in
Language: English

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