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Map of Syria and Lebanon published by Gizi Map. This detailed map includes the country’s topography, road infrastructure and oil/gas pipelines,enlargements for the environs of Damascus and Aleppo. It includes inserts around Damascus and Aleppo,and street maps of both cities. This map also covers Lebanon and the border areas of the neighbouring countries,extending south to Jerusalem and Amman. Road network includes local tracks and desert routes. Railway lines are included, local airports are marked. Indication of points of interest, interesting natural sites... Names of Syria’s provinces and larger cities are also shown in the Arabic alphabet. Multilingual legend includes English and Arabic.

ISBN: 9786155010118
Publication date: 2016
Scale: 1 : 750,000 (1 cm represents 7,5 km)
Printed side(s): single sided
Unfolded dimensions: 99 x 68 cm / 39 x 27 in
Language: English, Arabic

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