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Map of Somalia Map published by Gizi Map. This detailed map of Somalia includes two plans of Mogadishu: a general map of the city showing the names of districts and main traffic routes, plus a more detailed street plan of the central area. Both are annotated with various facilities and places of interest.
Terrain mapping (altitude colouring, graphics for swamps, salt flats and deserts, plenty of names of mountain ranges...). This map covers the whole territory within the internationally recognized borders of the country and showing its current (autumn 2012) de facto division into Somaliland and Somalia, as well as the self-proclaimed autonomous states within Somalia: Puntland, Galmudug and Jubaland, plus the disputed region claimed by Somaliland but under Puntland administration. Scale 1 : 1,750,000.

ISBN: 9786155010101
Publication date: 2017
Scale: 1 : 1,750,000 (1 cm represents 17,5 km)
Printed side(s): double-sided
Unfolded dimensions: 95 x 87 cm / 37 x 34 in
Language: English,Arabic

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