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France Road Atlas (2017) | Michelin

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Spiral-bound. Scale primarily 1:200,000 - 1 cm = 2 km - 1 inch = 3.18 miles. Includes route planner, safety warnings, 40 city maps, green guide sites, a large index of place names and much more.

ISBN: 9782067192980
Publication date: 2017
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Customer Reviews

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This atlas is a good overview of Fr...

This atlas is a good overview of France. My only complaint was that the one region that I was travelling in, Alsace, was sliced right down the middle by the spiral binding. That meant that in the end I tore out the pages I needed and taped them together to create a more usable format. I imagine that is the case with every area of the country. No way to avoid that in an atlas though. I do like how Michelin lays out the regions with some topography as well as roads and town boundaries.