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Flagstaff - Arizona - Trails Map | Emmitt Barks Cartography

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◾The map shows more than 300 miles of single-track trails for hikers, bikers, and equestrians; as well as 57 miles of Flagstaff Urban Trails System (FUTS) pathways ◾Also includes the Arizona Trail and the Flagstaff Loop Trail, and shows trails that are open to motorcycles as well as hikers, bikers and equestrians ◾Covers an area of 372 square miles around Flagstaff from Upper Lake Mary to the San Francisco Peaks ◾Latitude and longitude marks are provided, enabling the map to be used in conjunction with hand-held GPS (global positioning system) devices ◾This map is exceptionally detailed and accurate; all of the trails on the map were hiked and/or biked by Emmitt Barks staff. Most trails have been hiked or biked multiple times ◾A trail table provides detailed information for 71 trails, including mileage, elevation range, difficulty ratings for hikers and bikers, and a short description ◾Shaded relief gives the map a 3D appearance and makes topography easy to read. Vertical profiles for 49 trails help users judge the difficulty of a trail before embarking on a hike or ride ◾Contour lines are depicted at an interval of 50 feet. Spot elevations are provided at most trail junctions to help users gauge changes in topography ◾Forest roads included on the map reflect the Coconino National Forest Travel Management Rule and Motor Vehicle Use Map ◾Other map features include trailheads, campgrounds, picnic areas, views, watchable wildlife sites, wilderness areas, and national monuments ◾Printed in full color on two sides of a heavyweight, durable, water-proof and tear-resistant synthetic paper

ISBN: 9780972483100
Publication date: 2014
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