Wall Map of Costa Rica, Classic, Tubed | National Geographic

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National Geographic's map of Costa Rica can be an attractive and functional addition to any room. This comprehensive wall map shows the country in its entirety, including many islands, bordering areas in Panama and Nicaragua, and its stunning Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea coastlines. Beautiful shaded relief and vibrant colors depict both topographic and bathymetric features such as mountain ranges, volcanoes, wetlands and coral reefs. Major infrastructure networks, including roads, highways, airports and ferry routes are also clearly labeled. User-friendly indexes list selected towns along with the country's abundant protected areas, such as National Wildlife Refuges and Parks, wetlands and nature reserves.

ISBN: 9781597751117
Publication date: 2006
Unfolded dimensions: 32.87'' x 34.84'' (83.5 x 88.5 cm)