Wall Map of China Classic, Tubed | National Geographic

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National Geographic's Classic style map of China is one of the most authoritative maps of the country. Coverage also includes bordering areas of neighboring countries, the entire Korean Peninsula, Taiwan and some Japanese Islands along with the East and South China Seas. This map features thoWall maps>Americasnds of place names, including primary and secondary towns, accurate boundaries and clearly defined international borders, transportation infrastructure such as airports, highways and railroads and the Great Wall. Physical geography details include shaded relief and cartographic patterns are used to depict glaciers, sand and swamps.

The map is packaged in a 2"-diameter clear plastic tube. The tube has a decorative label showing a thumbnail of the map with dimensions and other pertinent information.

ISBN: 9780792249610
Publication date: 2012
Unfolded dimensions: 20.87'' x 27.17'' (53 x 69 cm)