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The Hallwag city map of Berlin shows the surrounds and suburbs of the city with a clear and easy to read road network at 1:15 000. The map also includes a diagram of the underground system, an inset showing Berlin and its environs highlighting the motorway exits and another inset showing further out from Berlin as far as Magdeburg in the west and Leipzig in the south.

The map shows all the public transport networks, with bus routes and stops as well as the metro stations being clearly marked. On the reverse of the map is a full street index, which also includes tourist attractions and other places of interest (hostels, campsites, museums, theatres, etc.), all grid referenced.

Also on the reverse of the map are lists of phone numbers for various things, hotels, hostels, campsites, tourist attractions, emergency numbers, etc.

The legend is in various languages including English.

ISBN: 9783828305236
Publication date: 2010
Folded dimensions: 9.06'' x 4.33'' (23 x 11 cm)
Unfolded dimensions: 24.8'' x 33.86'' (63 x 86 cm)
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