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Map of Antarctica on one side and map of Tierra del Fuego on the other side.

This edition is unique in that it portrays loss of permanent ice since the last edition. Global warming is melting the ice cover quite quickly, both visibly above the surface and by warmer ocean currents melting the underside of ice shelves.

Scale 1:7,000,000 (1 cm = 70 km) / 1:750,000 (1 cm = 7,5 km).

Legend Includes:
International Date Line, Trans-Antarctic Expedition, Amundsen 1911, Scot 1911-12, Point of Interest, Mountain Peak, Volcano, Closest Approach to Continent by Cook., Island covered by Ice shelf, Ice shelf, Ice rise on ice shelf, Ice melted or calved, Glacier, Melted Glacier for Antarctica, Road Number, International Boundary, Administrative Boundary, Main Highway, Paved, Main Road, Pabed, Secondary Road, Other Road Trail/Track Road, Railway, Timezone, Ferry Route, Rivers, Seasonal Rivers, Lake, Swamp, Glacier, Sand pan, Park etc.

ISBN: 9781771290074
Publication date: 2017
Scale: 1:8 000 000 (1 cm represents 80 km)
Printed side(s): double-sided
Unfolded dimensions: 99 x 68 cm / 39 x 27 in
Language: English

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