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Fine map

Sturdy and easy to read

Same as other Tobacco maps

We needed this map to complete our journey. All of the other maps are 1/2 the price of this one. We were expecting a thicker laminate or perhaps gold plating, but it was nothing special. Other than being overpriced, it is a fine map.

The map I ordered has not yet arrived.

Excellent and fun map

I’m a huge fan of MapEasy guides from previous experiences and Denver was no exception. Easy to read and contains such useful local information for travelers to the city.

Have not received it yet. Still waiting

A thing of beauty

This map book is just beautiful. I live in the U.S. and have never been to Australia, so I can't comment on the accuracy of the maps or the information, or the choice of what 25 routes to include. But I am just beginning the planning of a possible future 4WD trip to Australia, and as a lifelong map nut, I just love this book. The maps are beautiful. There's just enough info on each track to get me thinking, but not enough to feel overwhelmed by information. And there are photos with each route to give you a flavor of the geography. For my purposes, it's perfect - gives me a sampling of what Australia has to offer, and allows me to begin the planning process. It's too bad neither this website nor the Hema website shows any of the interior pages of this atlas.

A bit cumbersome

Found this map quite "busy" with unwanted information included.


Very nice map and timely delivery. Thanks.

Map Review

I was looking for a good trail map that primarily focused on the Mokelumne Wilderness and surrounding areas. I have not taken this out in the field yet, but it appears to be a good detailed map of the area in the title. The trails and trailheads are easy to follow, and adequate topo lines display the terrain. The map is also appears to be well-constructed for resistance to weather and abuse. Downside: it is fairly large for reviewing and re-folding while on the trail. Overall a good map for the area. Can't wait to use it on the trail.

A must-have map to travel with

Another good choice

Just what I wanted. Couldn't find them in stores

Readable and accurate

Love the large format and the regional presentation. Not too much detail to overwhelm the senses but enough to see the highlights. We always use the Hallwag maps to plan our trips and the National Geo maps to focus in on the specific places we want to explore.

Excellent- just what we needed

Map has not arrived yet.

You say you posted it seven days ago but, as of today, I have not received it.
Slow post!

Map of Calabria

Wether I go to Calabria or not, this map will help me to plan my trip.

Guatemala/Belize map

very concise,easy to follow,i will use a lot in the future,as i plan for a visit in 2022

Road trip to Newfoundland and Labrador

Thank you... I am all set now to plan my next Road Trip in September ... Looking forward for it !!!!!!!!!

Great Map.

Good detail on the map. Helps with Trip Planning and Travel Plans. Maps are old school and don't require cell service they always work if you have them. Don't travel with out them.

excellent travel map.


I have been to SXM 14 times, yet this map is so helpful. Great details!

5 star

Very promt service. I am very happy with the speedy service.

Great information ... if this was 2013

Although national Geographic sez it updates their maps regularly I doubt I'll be using this map in lieu of more recent road maps purchased locally.