A few words about us...

In August 2010, after fourteen months of a fantastic trip in a motorhome across South and Central America (and parts of USA as well), my wife Valerie, me (Christian) and our three kids were back at home.

The story of this adventure can still be read on our travel blog, www.baudchon-baluchon.com (written in French, which is our mother tongue - but the pics are worth a couple of minutes!).

During this trip, we realized that travel and hiking maps were still an absolute necessity for travellers - and that it would be true for a long time.

Even if more and more travelers pair them with GPS or smartphones, printed maps remain mandatory backups. And they are the only way to have a global view of a geographic area, and the best way to share and plan a trip.

Back to our story, this is where we started this idea ;), or close enough: 

(this picture was taken at dusk, on the Salar de Uyuni, on October 10, 2009, at 3,656 meters / 11,995 ft above sea level, at the exact place where we slept that night)

A few kilometers after entering in the famous Sur Lípez, in Bolivia, our GPS stopped working. And we had no maps, of course. It could have been a real nightmare if we had not been lucky enough to take aboard our motorhome one of the rangers that had to begin his one month shift in a remote area of the park (Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve of Andean Fauna)!

A couple of months after coming back home, we were launching LaCompagniedesCartes.fr. And almost ten years later, we are the proud owners of MapsCompany.com (and still LaCompagniedesCartes.fr of course).

We proudly serve more than 2,000 passionate travellers per month, with a 8,000 unique product range (road maps, hiking maps, travel guides, wall maps).

If you need anything, please contact us! We are still the ones that answer to our customers. :)