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Now in its sixth edition, Manhatten Block by Block "offers just about all the critical information a site-seeker might need - and then some," says The New York Times. "A small marvel," says Columbia Magazine.

First published in 2000, Manhattan Block by Block is now in its fifth edition. It is 176 pages long, and measures 3 3/4 by 9 inches. Ideal.

* Main streets, which include streets of operation for both subways and buses, are set in boldface type for high visibility.
* Numbered avenues are now cardinal numbers: ELEVENTH AV is now 11 AV.
* A symbol for cultural institutions serves as a rebus - a representation of the thing itself substituting for the word.
# Addresses are found at most corners, and they are also provided for important buildings such as the Empire State Building.
# Tauranac, who writes on New York's architectural history and teaches the subject at NYU's School of Continuing & Professional Studies, has written an introduction to the lay of the land. One section is "Where Streets and Avenues Change Their Names." How many people know, for instance, that Allen Street becomes Pike Street south of Division Street, and it becomes First Avenue north of Houston Street? All cross-referenced.
# The index is simple and direct. There is a street index, and there is a places of interest index. Period. Hotels are listed in red in the index, just as they are depicted on the maps.
# Four specialized Manhattan maps - streets, places of interest, subways, and buses - provide an overview by marching up the island from the Battery to Spuyten Duyvil in 14 spreads.

ISBN: 9788788923476
Publication date: 2015
Unfolded dimensions: 9.06'' x 3.94'' (23 x 10 cm)
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Great little book

If you are new to NYC and visiting soon, get this little gem of a book. Jampacked with all the info you need and much more. Easy to carry around and indispensable.