Wall map of Iraq (Classic, Sleeved) | National Geographic

Wall Map of Iraq, Classic, Sleeved | National Geographic

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Wall map of Iraq (Classic, Sleeved) published by National Geographic.
National Geographic's Classic style map of Iraq is one of the most detailed and comprehensive maps available of this historic country in the heart of the Fertile Crescent. With its vivid color palette and accurate shaded relief, this wall map is as attractive as it is functional.
Iraq is shown in its entirety along with bordering areas of Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan and Turkey. Hundreds of place names are displayed in an easy-to-read font in addition to cartographic patterns depicting deserts, lava fields, swamps, dry salt lakes and intermittent lakes.
Major infrastructure networks such as highways, roads, aqueducts, canals, oil fields and pipelines, railroads and airports are also mapped.
Scale 1:1,778,000.
Map size: 25 x 21.06 inches.

ISBN: 9781597753654
Publication date: 2010
Unfolded dimensions: 25 x 21.06'' (63.5 x 53.5 cm)
Language: English
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