Rand McNally

Classroom Atlas of the World | Rand McNally

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This colorful, engaging atlas is ideal for students in second through fourth grades and was developed from the award-winning Classroom Atlas, just simplified for younger students.
-Completely redesigned with a new layout, eye-catching pictures, informative graphics, and fully updated map content.
-Teaches map and globe skills to younger students.
-Features photos, graphs, interesting facts, and thought-provoking questions that reinforce map concepts.
-Includes 15 physical, political, and thematic maps.
-Includes Handbook of Map Skills that helps students understand how to use maps and globes.
-Contains glossary that defines terms in the atlas.

ISBN: 9780528013010
Publication date: 2012
Unfolded dimensions: 11.02'' x 8.27'' (28 x 21 cm)