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Wall Map of Italy, Classic, Sleeved | National Geographic

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Wall map of Italy (Classic, Sleeved) published by National Geographic.
The Classic map of Italy is National Geographic's most detailed wall map of the enchanting and historically rich country. This attractive map features thousands of place names, accurate political boundaries, major infrastructure networks such as roads, canals, aqueducts, ferry routes, airports, and railroads.
Italy's diverse terrain is detailed through accurate shaded relief, coastal bathymetry, and symbolism for water features and other land forms including the outlying islands of Corsica, Elba, Isola di Pantelleria, Isola San Domino, Isola di Ustica, Isole Eolle O Lipari, Sardinia and Sicily. Elevations of major peaks are expressed in feet and depth soundings are expressed in fathoms.

The signature Classic style map uses a bright, easy to read color palette featuring blue oceans and stunning shaded relief that has been featured on National Geographic wall maps for over 75 years.
Scale 1:1,765,000.
Map size: 27.17 x 20.47 inches.

ISBN: 9780792293125
Publication date: 2011
Unfolded dimensions: 27.17 x 20.47'' (69 x 52 cm)
Language: English

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A good map which includes a majorit...

A good map which includes a majority of the cities, regions, topography and surrounding countries.