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This 1:62,500-scale topographic map shows one of the most popular sections of the High Sierra, with five peaks over 14,000 feet--Mt. Williamson, Mt. Tyndall, Mt. Russell, Mt. Whitney, and Mt. Muir--as well as the complete Mt. Whitney Trail, making this the perfect selection for hikers planning a Whitney ascent. Other trails included on the map are the John Muir Trail, as well as trails to Lake South America and to the exquisite country over Colby Pass. The backside features a sample trip to the Mt. Whitney summit, tips on backcountry safety, contact numbers, and essential information about the region. 4-color and waterproof.

ISBN: 9780899974392
Publication date: 2008
Folded dimensions: 5.51'' x 3.94'' (14 x 10 cm)
Unfolded dimensions: 18.11'' x 14.57'' (46 x 37 cm)